Entry #1


2008-07-07 22:19:13 by sewallman

Mutilations songs will get uploaded to new grounds after there done being recorded and edited. now bear with us becouse we are just a garage band.


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2008-07-07 23:32:01

Is it metal?

(Updated ) sewallman responds:

Well, We are still deciding what we want to be. The guitarist Brian wants it to be clasic rock and I the drummer want it to be metal. The song however I think is more on the metal side. There isn't singing. It is an instrumental song that doesn't have the base line in. Mutilation is confused wether to have a singer or not. or instance look at buckethead. Best guitarist ever and there isn't a singer.


2008-08-06 16:38:26

i think you should be metal thats my opinion or since you were in the goth section a gothic metal band lol but hey this my opinion